Imagine transforming reactive

parenting into confident and calm, yet firm
responsive ways to teach
children about

Imagine simple, practical tips that
break through the “I'm not listening barrier,”
allowing a child to take action, cooperate, and
respond to teaching corrections.

Proactive Parenting delivers
ways to correct
misbehavior that inspire a child
to think about his or her behavior, which
respectful and responsible children who
ready for the world outside your front door.

Sharon-Silver-RibbonAfter a long day filled with power struggles, Sharon Silver’s light bulb moment came when she reached out to give her 3 yr. old son a hug and he pulled away from her assuming she was going to spank him. Crushed, she realized she’d turned her beautiful child’s trust in her, into fear of her, and she never spanked again! Then it dawned on her—she had a problem. Read more…

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