“Yelling causes a child to focus

more on the fact that she’s been yelled at,

and less on the correction you’re trying to make.”



It's possible to:

  • Create learning opportunities that correct misbehavior and inspire responsibility

  • Use language that allows a child to listen without arguing

  • Address disrespect calmly, yet firmly

  • Disengage from power struggles before they begin

  • Truthfully enhance self-esteem without the use of global praise



“Doing something wrong

is how children learn to do something right!”


Stop Reacting and Start Responding has 108 transformative ways to teach children

what to do instead of what they have done, without reacting, yelling or punishing

while calmly, yet firmly, enforcing rules, boundaries and consequences. 


It is possible!


“Asking a question forces

the thinking side of the brain to take over,

calming emotions and reducing negotiating.”


When a child misbehaves the type of question you ask is key.

It has to be non-judgmental, non-threatening, and lead a child to wisdom and resolution.

Stop Reacting and Start Responding shares questions you can use to produce listening,

accountability, respect, responsibility and resolutions.


This is the type of content you can expect from Proactive Parenting


with each purchase of Stop Reacting and Start Responding you will receive

the bonus eBook, Why is Yelling My Go-To Tool? as our gift to you!



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