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This eBook Shares:


  • How to transform your yelling into behavior corrections without sacrificing your connection or the learning that's needed.
  • Calm, firm discipline corrections centered on helping a child self-regulate, and become more respectful and responsible.
  • 3 Keys to increase your emotional energy and the connection between you and your child, creating a healthier non-yelling environment.
  • Where to redirect your parenting focus when your child misbehaves, so you can avoid yelling.
  • Subtle, yet powerful alternative discipline methods that address the heart of what's causing your child's misbehavior in the first place.
  • How to make your frustration work for you!
  • This information is your, as out gift to you, when you purchase a copy of Stop Reacting and Start Responding, print or e-Book edition.





I know how you feel

I have two kids. They weren’t perfect, and neither was I.

I’ve been a parent educator for 29 years, I’ve studied, learned from, and been certified by some of the best.

From Positive Parenting, Love and Logic, Redirecting Children’s Behavior to the work of Brazelton, Gurian,

Faber and Mazlish, Magda Gerber, Gesell Institute, Ames and Ilg, and parents, I've heard it all.

Believe it or not, there is a thread that runs through all the methods.

That thread is what Stop Reacting and Start Responding

and the bonus eBook Why is Yelling my go-to tool? (our gift with purchase) shares.



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