Sharon Silver

Helping Parents Raise Children, Not Just Correcting Behavior

Take a healthy dose of mom, mix it with a parent educator, and sprinkle with a seekers' spirit, and you have Sharon Silver. Sharon has lived what every parent is living; a real life parenting real children. She knows the challenges that daily life brings families, and shares tips, methods, and concepts that help parents correct behavior in a calm, yet firm, way to produce listening, accountability, respect, responsibility and resolutions. Read more about Sharon



Jodie Chusid, eBay

"Sharon’s presentation struck a nice balance between scientific data regarding childhood development, and practical, well-grounded advice on how to work with children. I found some of her tips equally applicable to the kids in our lives and to the adults we work with on a daily basis. For example, her tip “You cannot teach children something by arousing negative feelings” and her RASA model were great reminders on how to manage our teams. The only downside of the presentation was that it wasn’t long enough!"

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